We seek quality, credibility and scale. We invest in firms built by passionate investors who are maniacally dedicated to a specific investment doctrine.

We believe the most successful firms possess many of the following characteristics...

  • Focused Investment Strategy
    •  Consistent, predictable, repeatable, institutionally credible investment process
    •  Competitive historic performance across a full market cycle
    •  Rigorous and clearly articulated risk management framework
  • Experienced, Capable, and Motivated Management Team
    •  Strong, credible, committed CIO
    •  Deep bench with a diversified, complementary skill set and a clear succession plan
    •  Proper alignment of incentive to drive investment performance, profitability, growth and stability
  • Strong Culture and Impeccable Reputation
    •  Client focused, fiduciary culture
    •  Common set of core beliefs
  • Highly Profitable, Stable and Scalable
    •  Strong and growing margins with durable pricing
    •  Diversified client base with clients of substance
    •  Robust, scalable and highly efficient infrastructure leveraging leading outsourced providers
  • Attractive Growth Prospects in Markets of Significance
    •  Large, fast growing asset class or innovative market niche
    •  Proven record of consistent growth
    •  Potential to be leveraged across additional client markets/geographies
    •  Sufficient capacity to double AUM with existing strategies

If you are a boutique asset manager looking for the right strategic partner or interested in learning more, please contact us at info@continuumcm.com.